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The most common problem for people entering the crypto market is crypto exchange. There are several solutions for this purpose, but real life is currently in the coins or tokens only when it gets to the exchange, where it is redeemed for other crypto currencies with the help of bid-ask functionality. Each exchange bills an intermediary commission from a merchant and a fee to register the coin from the project. This causes a number of problems. Today we will talk about the ICO project, beneficial to all, crypto exchange with the beautiful Nebula name.


The exponential growth rate in total cryptocurrency market capitalization from the end of 2017 has aroused the interest and acceptance of individuals, companies and the government. From the beginning of 2017 to the present, mass adoption of Blockchain technology has been recorded with many startups trying to mitigate centralized models from various sectors today that have seen an increase in demand and use of cryptocurrency.

As a result, the cryptocurrency market exchange should be one step ahead as new entrants and investors are recorded on a daily basis. They must be able to meet the needs of the ever-increasing user by integrating a new system that will make cryptocurrency trading convenient and profitable. Unfortunately this is not the case as they face certain challenges that have proved quite difficult to overcome.

As mentioned before, cryptocurrency exchanges today offer an uncomfortable trading experience. They provide very few tools / systems to enable users or investors to make trading decisions that are close to accurate. In addition to the few clear trade / technical data provided by cryptocurrency exchanges, users set out to find more data to help them in their analysis. This is where the inconvenience begins when they face various challenges which include;

General market valuations by investors or other users in social media companies are usually characterized by bad or too good emotions. This, in turn, leaves a false impression on the user because he can not really understand the true market judgment.
News about a project is sometimes forged and falsified to meet certain malicious purposes. This can be a problem for investors who are not getting the right news at the right time, and most importantly from the right sources.
Bias A macroeconomic outlook from media outlets and industry experts ultimately misleading new investors to make wrong trade decisions.
The social space is filled with many price targets and inaccurate, misleading, and unaccountable analytics, mostly from self-proclaimed experts. This often leads gullible investors to popular pumping and disposal schemes.
While not entirely related to current uncomfortable trade, the uncertainty surrounding security tokens poses several problems with the current crypto ecosystem.

Critically considering these challenges, tailored solutions have been provided by a team of experienced people in their various fields. This is the Nebula Exchange, it is a unique centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that features top-notch features such as news, user reviews, technical analysis and P2P messaging to create an all-in-one trading ecosystem aimed at providing trading solutions.

The Exchange Nebula also aims to be one of the first exchanges that provide support for security tokens. Providing top-notch features by Nebula Exchange will ensure users are equipped with all the right tools to make better trading decisions. The Nebula’s decision to go with a centralized system is for users to be provided with experience outside of basic trading and so the management team can easily solve problems arising from increased regulatory oversight.


SECURITY: At Nebula Exchange, security is a topmost priority which as a result has seen some certain unique and advanced security measures been put in place. Some of which includes; Security audit and penetration testing by leading security consultants, an audit of all smart contracts amongst others.

ROBUST TRADING PLATFORM: Advanced enough for professional traders and easy enough for new users. Some main features include; 1 million TPS, exportable trade and order history amongst others, up to 10x leverage on Margin trading.

INFORMATION SHARING PLATFORM: The Nebula Exchange has provided means for easy access to information by its users. To some of the aforementioned current challenges, this is where Nebula delivers the solutions in the form of; trustworthy review system, reputation systems, news system, the P2P messaging system and troll-box.

SECURITY TOKENS AND UTILITY TOKENS: Nebula plans to acquire the license necessary to list security tokens from regulators. Also, ensure a thorough KYC and authentication process while expanding its geographic presence and adding more fiat pairings.

AFFORDABLE LISTING: Nebula is aware of the exorbitant fees required by exchanges to list projects. So it has decided to list promising projects who pass the requirements at reduced and considerable cost.

REFERRAL SYSTEM: Nebula has provided a way to reward community members who refer new users to the platform.

Project team

The team consists of young and very talented professionals who are professionals in their field. In addition, they are experienced traders, businessmen and investors with many years of experience in well-known international companies. This can be seen by contacting them via LinkedIn.

Details ICO

Token name: NESC
Smartcontract: Ethereum ERC-20
Soft cap: $500.000
Hard cap: $20.000.000
Token price: 1 NESC=$0.4
Payment methods: ETH, BTC
The distribution of tokens and collected funds is as follows:


Official resources of the Nebula project:



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